It Goes Like This

So last week, my California boyfriend flew down for two glorious days after we had been apart for four months, almost five. Of course I jumped on him as soon as he sat in my car when I picked him up at the airport. We then proceeded to go to an amusement park and then his favorite Tex-Mex restaurant after. Even after four little months, a lot had changed for us. I got my license and a car while he was gone, so the driver switch was a reminder that LDRs do take away those moments of mutual discovery. But at the same time, I rediscovered most of the reasons why I fell in love with him. Today, I’m going to mention the little things, and why they are so important to appreciate in any relationship, LDR or not. It makes me wanna write a post. It goes like this:

Their voice. I take a lot of things for granted everyday in my relationship, and this one was one that stood out the most. Listening to someone’s voice on the phone is completely different than the way they sound in person. With distance and terrible phone reception, your partner’s voice gets distorted, cut off, or quiet. Most of the time, there is no voice, just text messages or emails. You might even think you know how they sound, but when they speak face to face, it is clear as a bell and envelopes you. 

Their eyes. It’s amazing to be able to see your partner’s eyes without the glitchy skype resolution or the one dimension photos they send to you. Eyes are windows to the soul, and when you’re able to see them again, a piece of your own soul just warms and is complete. 

Their touch. This is the thing that sealed the deal to his visit. Being able to touch someone’s face, shoulder, hand and it actually be there. It’s not a pillow you hold at night or the cold computer or phone screen you reach out to touch, hoping it’s them for a moment. Just a simple touch of holding hands with your partner will make any LDR worth waiting for, no matter how long you wait.

A conversation. Nowadays talking can be extremely hard to do with other people. Social media and smart phones have become a liaison for human interaction. When you’re with your partner, there isn’t any awkwardness or need to analyze what you say before you say it. They already know you! So being able to talk to someone freely face to face, someone you love and trust, is so lovely. You’re able to regain a part of humanity you may not use much anymore with your partner.

Silence. There’s something magical about being silent with your sweet heart in the same room. Just being in each other’s presence is wonderful, but being able to confidently coexist in silence is bliss. I always think silence says a lot more that anything you could say to them at any point. 

Being able to see my LDR partner for the first time after our separation was extremely amazing and delightful. Just seeing them, interacting with them, taking them in is overwhelmingly pleasing. My heart was so full when he came to visit me. Unfortunately, he only visited for two incomplete days, and back to California he flew. It was heartbreaking to see him leave, but every day we grow together and take in these moments to turn into moments of strength. I cannot wait for the next moment I see him. Next time it’s my turn to visit! Twenty nine days and counting! 

My challenge for those out there with an LDR (or a normal one) is to find those things that make your stomach flutter with butterflies and that you notice as soon as they walk into a room. These little things can win you over as soon as you notice them. What are they? How does it go? Tell your partner!

Much love,



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