Southern Hospitality

No matter how far away your sweetheart may be, there are always those times that they’re able to come visit. Nothing can keep y’all apart, not even time.

It’s going to be four months since my boyfriend and I have seen each other, so his visit in two weeks is almost unbelievably close and yet still so far away. His stay is short: two days. Although it is a short time, we plan on doing as many things as possible. Whenever you are short on time when your LDR partner visits, plan the most important things to do.

Always have something fun to do planned. If you’re like me, I always have fun with my boyfriend, but it doesn’t mean that’s the only fun that comes out of your visit. Plan a good portion of the trip going out. Go to an amusement park close by, or even a park with a ball to keep you both energized and active. Plan a picnic prepared before they arrived or even grab their favorite fast food if you are super short on time. Planning dates may also depend on the physical state of your partner after the dreaded jet lag. Slow down the visit with a cozy sit down dinner, or catch a movie of their choosing. Just having a normal date instead of an extravagant one means that much more. Definitely invite family or friends to participate in a dinner or movie! The more the merrier!

After you’ve gone out, don’t forget to plan some time alone. This can be as intimate or as laid back as you need. Adjusting back into alone time with my boyfriend when we were just an hour away was somewhat of a challenge. Just be open and always communicate what you want and need from them. Beware of alone time to be the lash out of built up emotions from months of physically not seeing each other. This could come from both positive and negative energy, but you don’t want to leave this time with bad vibes. Create a warming, inviting atmosphere with comfy chairs, food, and my personal favorite: blankets! 

When you have a short amount of time with your partner, scheduling extra time for arrival/departure pick up and drop off is extremely important. Respecting the time they need to be at their airport or bus station is just as important as the time you both have together. Being early is always a good habit to have when planning travel. It will also eliminate stress and keep the memory of the visit pleasantly wonderful.

Finally, show your lover some Southern hospitality! Offer to pick them up from the airport, welcome them into your home and offer them a tidy, spacious room with all the amenities they might need (towels, an extra toothbrush, etc.) Constantly feed them and have their favorite snacks available! Pay for their dinner or movie ticket, and ultimately lavish them with love! Treat others as you would want to be treated. This wasn’t created in the South, but it might as well have been!

So my action for y’all is to come up with some awesome dates you and your partner look forward to going on when you visit each other next. Ask them what they dream about doing with you again. Hopefully the next time you see them will be sooner than you think!



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